Brands carried:  Weil McLain, Buderas, ThermoFlow, SuperStor, Beckett, Carlin
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What is a Degree Day?   It's any day during which the average temperature falls below 65.  The number of degrees difference between 65 and the average temperature (for example:  45)  are called DEGREE DAY UNITS.  (In this case 65 minus 45 = 20.)

How to Arrive at the daily degree day figure.  Each day add the high and low temperatures together and divide by two - this will give you the MEAN temperature.  Subtract this mean from the base figure of 65 and you will have the daily degree days.  These degree days reflect fuel consumption, and for scheduling purposes are accumulated by the season, usually starting September 1st and are added to a cumulative YTD total.
24 Hour Emergency Service is Available to Our Regular Oil Delivery Customers
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The TANK-GUARD® Program is a corrosion protection and warranty service for aboveground fuel oil tanks up to 330 gallons capacity.  It is offered through a select network of Oilheat Dealers in North America.  The TANK-GUARD® Program is provided by Lincoln Laboratory, a company which has served the Oilheat Industry for over 50 years.

 The useful life of an oil storage tank is impossible to predict, but the most common cause of oil tank failure is from internal corrosion which is caused by water condensation that collects on the tank bottom.  Depending on where you live, oil tank replacement can cost from $1,000 to over $2,000.