Service & Maintenance

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Keeping your oil burner maintained will help with efficiency and help preventative future, sometimes larger issues.  

What We Cover

  • Air Filters

  • Air Tubes

  • Air Vents

  • Anti-hum valve

  • Aquastat

  • Aquastat (reverse)

  • Bearing Assembly

  • Blast Tube

  • Blower Motor

  • Blower Belt

  • Blower Pulley

  • Burner Coupling

  • Burner Motor

  • Burner Switch

  • Cad Cell Control

  • Cad Cell Eye

  • Cad Cell Leads

  • Circulator Coupling

  • Circulator Motor

  • Circulator Relay

  • Combustion Chamber

  • Delayed Oil Valve

  • Draft Regulator

  • Electrodes

  • Electrode Holder

  • Emergency Switch

  • End Cone

  • Fan Belt

  • Fan Control

  • Firomatic Valve

  • Fuel Pump

  • Fuel Pump Coupling

  • Fusible Valve

  • Ignitor/Transformer

  • Nozzle

  • Nozzle Line

  • Nozzle Adaptor

  • Oil Cartridge

  • Oil Safety Valve

  • Oil Solenoid Valve

  • Pressure Control

  • Pressure Gauge

  • Pressuretrol

  • Relief Valve

  • Thermal Switch

Get Started

Step 1:

Complete the New Customer Packet and email it to our team at for approval. Be sure to indicate Service Plan on the paperwork.


Step 2:

Once approved, we'll schedule our service tech to ensure your system is eligible. If it is, you'll receive your personalized service plan to sign. 

Step 3:

Review and sign the contract. Don't forget to send a copy of the signature page to us so we can confirm the effective date of the Service Plan. Cost of Service Plans must be paid in full. 


Frequently asked questions

Service & Maintenance

Do you offer Budget Plans?

Yes. To learn more about the terms of our budget plans, please give our office a call at (978) 283-4815 or (978) 546-6018.

Where are your Service Areas?

Our service areas are Gloucester, Rockport, Essex, and Manchester-by-the-Sea. That being said, we do deliver in Beverly, Hamilton and Wenham for automatic deliveries only - no will call.

What does a Full Service company do?

Industry surveys have shown that 85% of heating oil customers in America prefer to do business with a full service oil company because it means:
- 24-hour emergency service
- trained, certified technicians
- monthly payment plans and service plans for protection against large, unexpected bills.
- automatic deliveries to reduce run-outs - credit terms on fuel bills
- sufficient liability insurance coverage in the unlikely event of property damage
- fully stocked service vehicles so most problems can be fixed on the spot

What happens if I have an emergency after business hours?

If you are a regular customer of ours and run into an issue after business hours, our live answering service takes your call and relays the information back to our team. A service charge may apply to deliveries outside of normal business hours. This includes run-outs due to non-payment and failure of automatic delivery customers to notify company of a change in usage.

I've found cheaper fuel but they don't offer any services. Why is that?

About two-thirds of what a customer pays covers the cost of the fuel itself. The rest goes toward services, which are not offered by all companies. This is why oil-only companies can charge a lower price.

Do I stll have to check my tank now that I'm a customer?

Yes, absolutely. We make a reasonable effort to initially and periodically visually inspect accessible above ground oil tanks. Visual inspections assess the condition of the tank at the time of inspection and do not predict the tank’s condition in the future. Since tank conditions may change, as the owner with ongoing access, it is the Customer’s responsibility to monitor the tank for wear and tear and/or leaks and notify us immediately.

What happens during annual maintenance?

Our technician removes any soot buildup, checks electronic controls, inspects the oil storage tank, changes the oil filter, air filter (furnaces), nozzle, flushes out the oil line, and performs an efficiency test on the system. This procedure takes about an hour, but can take longer if the unit hasn’t been cleaned regularly, or a part needs replacement.

What is the annual heating season?

We consider the heating season here to run from September 1st- August 31st.

Can I be a service client and not receive fuel deliveries?

No. Only customers enrolled in fuel deliveries may be service clients. Deliveries by other fuel providers will automatically terminate any service contracts and fees may apply.

How much do Service Plans cost?

Cost and eligibility for your specific system will be available after an inspection. Please give our office a call so we can learn more and personalize a service plan for you.

Do you have a sample service plan to look at ?

Yes. Here is our SAMPLE ONLY service plan doc. This is for informational purposes only. Please do not sign this sample document. It will not be honored by our company. In order to receive a personalized service plan to meet your specific needs, please call our office.